Photo Search FAQ's


What is Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search?

Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search is the only photo database dedicated to candid street style photography from global destinations. With more than 11,000 high resolution unposed photographs that encapsulate the interaction between people, clothes and urban locations, this is an unprecedented and essential creative resource for fashion, style, design, and marketing professionals and enthusiasts.

New images are added on a regular basis allowing the user not only to track fashion shifts as and when they occur unposed on the street but also to gain a unique comparative map of how people dress.

Precision search functionality delivers immediate access to the inspirational photography with over 250 search criteria making the search process not only quicker and more accurate but also individual, creative and fun.

How can I purchase a Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search subscription?

To purchase a subscription to Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search, visit, click the "Subscribe" link and follow the prompts.

How can I receive a free online demo of Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search?

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Does Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search focus on specific types of street styles?

Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search presents photographs portraying a cross section of styles ranging from the "street style" that offers directional cues to dressers representing the high street and high end of fashion.

Why "Strictly NO Posing"?

The vast majority of photographs capturing street styles on fashion blogs and trend forecasting web sites are set up and posed. Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search is the first to break this mould enabling the user to gain more situational information and accuracy and more creativity and fun when viewing results from searches.

The"Strictly NO Posing" ethos dictates that clothes, accessories and footwear look best when photographed unposed in real situations. As such many of the photographs as well as being unposed capture subjects in movement bringing life and flow to the garments:

To quote Jean Paul Gaultier - "Clothes are only interesting when they are on a body in motion"

Are there photographs of famous people as well as random every day people ?

Yes there are photographs of famous people.. Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search is all about photographs of random every day stylish people going about their business on the streets however if a famous person / celebrity is spotted and they look good style wise they will be shot as well ....... Candid of course !

Does Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search present images only from street locations?

"Street style" permeates into other off street locations where fashion, music and sport overlap and interact. Street Fashion Monitor Photo Search reflects this fusion with photographs of stylish dressers enjoying clubs, concerts, event parties, fashion shows and sporting occasions. The vast majority of these photographs are candid thus keeping it real in contrast to the mass photographic coverage of these events which is highly controlled and posed.

Search options

What search options are available ?

There is a unique and unsurpassed offering of over 250 search options allowing the user to select precisely the level of detail they require. There are 12 main search option categories which filter down into many sub categories:

Date, Gender, Age, Ethnicity, City, Type of Weather, Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Dress Code, Optional Refinement & Embellishment