Biography: Dan Stern

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Born and raised in North London my teenage years were defined by the incredible vitality of the music and club scenes of late '70s early '80s London and the fashion tribes that grew from them. I moved easily between the varied Rock, Punk, Reggae and Soul music clubs and live concerts remaining fiercely independent without ever joining any one tribe that were identified with these scenes. I loved the diversity of the era and for my efforts I was described by Robert Elms as ''always a pioneer" in his seminal book on urban street fashion "The Way We Wore'. Three inspirational years were spent studying at the London School Of Economics and hanging out with many of the faces who were shaping the vibrant music and fashion scenes emerging across the city.

The mid 80s through to the 90s were all about my life as a Dad whilst work was varied but always in sales and marketing. Selling advertising space on the Times Online website I travelled constantly around the world and my fascination for capturing street style and fashion grew out of my observation of the different way men and women dress and style themselves in different cities.

I started snapping subjects for fun in the summer of 2008 using simply a 2.5 mgp phone camera. My approach and technique from the beginning was to shoot candid as I believe that as soon as the subject is stopped on the street and is asked to pose the moment is lost and then the street simply becomes an out door studio controlled by the photographer. Having developed my candid approach to street style photography using the phone camera I sought out professional equipment that best allowed me to get in real close yet remain discreet.

Many of my subjects are captured in natural movement as I believe clothes only come alive when on a body in motion. I shoot subjects not just by fashion trend, age or ethnic criteria but by style and attitude which can be a tiny detail or a complete look.

Thank you for visiting SFM and hope you have as much fun viewing the images as I had in bringing them to you.